Uniswap: King of DEXes Set to Conquer with V3 & BNB Chain

• Uniswap remains the most profitable DeFi protocol due to high protocol fees and its V3 deployment on BNB Chain.
• Uniswap is the undisputed leader of the DEXes, capturing almost 75% of market share at the time of writing, with daily active users hitting six-month highs.
• The total value locked (TVL) has moved steadily, with UNI’s price range in the last 30 days as indicated and its market cap shedding $600 million in the last seven days.

Uniswap Rises Above Ethereum In Terms Of User Fees

Uniswap remained the most profitable DeFi protocol in terms of user fees, with data provided by DeFiLlama showing that cumulative fees for the last 30 days for Ethereum were more than double than that of Uniswap. However, this difference was reduced drastically when cumulative fees for the last seven days were observed.

Uniswap V3 To Provide Maximum Returns For Traders And Liquidity Providers

With V3 deployment on BNB Chain getting approval, UNI’s price rise looked likely. After launching on Polygon, it captured almost 50% of the DEX market share. The latest version is intended to provide maximum returns to traders and liquidity providers and reduce price slippage. BNB Chain already has a high daily active user count and Uniswap is expected to grab an even larger share of existing DEX markets.

UNI Price Trajectory Over The Last Month

The growth in Uniswap’s daily active users has significantly picked up over the last three weeks or so and recently hit its six-month high of 61k. However, there was a negative trajectory over the last two days. At press time, UNI was up by 1.8%, exchanging hands at $6.52 according to CoinMarketCap but had shed $600 million in value during past 7 days traversing a range in past month as indicated which reached highs but followed by sharp selling pressure resulting in current prices below those highs levels again which could be crawled back up soon if bullish momentum prevails with help from UNI’s V3 feature release soon..

Realistic Or Not Here’s UNI’s Market Cap In BTC’s Terms

The total value locked (TVL) has moved steadily with no sharp upward or downward movement lately but what showed remarkable increase is Sharpe of Uniswap V3 out of total TVL which stood at 70%. Although these figures look promising but one must not forget that Bitcoin [BTC] still stays king when it comes to cryptocurrency investments as reflected through its massive market capitalization currently above trillion dollar mark compared to crypto projects like Ethereum & Uniswall whose respective market caps are much lower comparatively speaking yet both have made significant progress towards mainstream adoption throughout 2020 & 2021 respectively..


To conclude one can say that despite some recent pullbacks uni token continues to enjoy strong positive sentiment from investors who anticipate further upside potential once v3 feature officially launches while also keeping an eye out on their btc exposure since bitcoin will remain top dog amongst cryptos regardless what short term developments come along way throughout 2021 & beyond!

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