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We’re renowned for the quality and variety of our drinks, particularly our spirits, wines and cocktails, and the expertise of our bar team is recognized within the industry as second to none.

We’re proud to stock loads of spirits which aren’t available in the UK and are pretty hard to find worldwide too. We also stock many unusual brands, in fact we have an impressive 300 different spirits available for you to choose from. To throw some stats at you, we stock 10 different flavours of Stolichnaya vodka, 12 different types of Jack Daniels, and 59 different types of rum. You can see that our back bar is quite something.

In addition, we serve 18 types of quality champagnes and we have over 70 divine cocktails on offer. Sex on the beach isn’t really our style though, we prefer the captivating flavours of the Amore Dolce or the bittersweet delights of Bourbon Lover. The only problem you’ll have is deciding what to try first.

If you’re more of a wine connoisseur however, you’ll still be spoilt for choice. We’re extremely proud of our wine list with its mixture of traditional and new world wines, which include the only recently available Carmenere grape, a delectable dark red beauty of a wine.
For the more traditional beer drinker we have plenty of choice for you too. With beers from countries as diverse as Belgium, Russia and Australia, we’re sure you’ll find something to try.